Your account’s security is our top priority. By utilizing industry-leading fraud protection, you can rest easy knowing your bank account is protected by a neighbor you can trust.
By using MyCardRules™, complete with specialized services such as disabling cards, and customizing control preferences, you can feel empowered to make the right choices for your finances. This service is available with mobile banking. With MyCardRules™ you can:
  • Instantly turn a card off if it’s lost or stolen
  • Receive a notification every time your card is used or only get notifications for specific card activity
  • Receive notifications for transactions that exceed a per transaction or monthly limit set by you
  • Receive notifications by text, email and in-app
  • Decline and restrict transactions by merchant type, such as gas station, grocery or restaurant based upon your settings
  • Decline and restrict in-store, online and ATM transactions based upon your settings
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